UX Research for a mailing and shipping website

In August, 2021 I collaborated with a Senior UX Specialist at UserWorks to improve the usability of a mailing and shipping website. We conducted 20 usability test sessions of approximately 75 minutes each. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 11.56_edited.jpg


●Determine how participants would approach specific mailing/shipping situations through scenario-based testing/interview.

●Identify common paths participants use on the webiste to address the scenarios, least efficient paths, dead ends, confusing or incomplete information, and other pain points.

●Identify any other areas of improvement.

Session Structure:

1.Initial background discussion of the participant’s typical behaviors regarding mailing and shipping (for personal reasons as well as business, as appropriate), use of the website and other shipping company websites (if applicable), as well as any differences between in-person and online transactions.

2.Hands-on exploration and discussion of the website using 8 test scenarios for context, to learn how participants would approach said scenarios, including paths through the site and impressions of content.