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UX Research For A Mailing And Shipping Website


In August 2021, I collaborated with a Senior UX Specialist at UserWorks to improve the usability of a mailing and shipping website. 


NDA prevents me from sharing some details. Please get in touch with me to know more about this study and other research studies I have worked on. 


A mailing and shipping website


Target Users

People who mail and ship at least once a month or more frequently for personal or business reasons


Research Question 

How do users approach specific mailing and shipping situations and how might we improve their experience?


Research Method

Usability Study

Research Type

Generative UXR


My Role 

UX Researcher 

Project Timeline

5 weeks


  • 5 mobile users who mail and ship for personal reasons 

  • 5 mobile users who mail and ship for business reasons

  • 5 desktop users who mail and ship for personal reasons

  • 5 desktop users who mail and ship for business reasons 


Three Key Insights 

  1. The table for comparing mail services had low discoverability and even the participants who found it were overwhelmed by the information.

  2. Sometimes participants looked for guidance regarding sending food but did not think to look under “Perishable Items” in “Restricted & Prohibited Items” and instead thought there was no guidance.

  3. The feature of Holding Mail has a 30-day limit but knowing that participants need to sign in or sign up discouraged them from exploring that option.

Three Key Recommendations

  1. Users may appreciate more interactivity, such as checkboxes to select the services or aspects users want to compare, rather than seeing the entire table.

  2. Add “Food” to the text for Perishable Items – for example, “Food & Other Perishable Items,” or “Perishable Items (and Food)” (depending on where you want it to appear in the alphabetical list).

  3. Consider the feasibility of changing Hold Mail so that users can find some information about the service without having to sign in.

For additional findings and learnings, please contact

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