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Hi, I'm Sruti (pronounced Sroo-Tea), and my pronouns are she/her. 

As a User Experience Researcher, I have made products more efficient, inclusive, and, in some cases, life-saving! I developed an interest in accessibility while studying at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Initially intimidated by it, I quickly learned how straightforward and rewarding it could be and wanted to help others in tech  (and everyone else in my life ;-)) understand it better. I honed my craft while working at UserWorks, Inc., in Silver Spring, Maryland, as a UX & Accessibility Specialist for three years. I am looking for new opportunities at the moment. My vision is to see accessibility be seamlessly integrated into every product's development process. 

What people say about me

"...I've been impressed by Sruti’s ability to handle even the most daunting workloads, and the toughest clients, all with a smile on her face. Somehow, it all seems to come perfectly naturally to her. "

Tristan Wilson

Senior User Experience Specialist at UserWorks, Inc.

 "...She is uncommonly thoughtful, patient, and open-minded. Sruti is a leader and creative thinker with a talent for synthesizing disparate ideas."

Lydia Stamato

M.S. Human-Centered Computing student at UMBC

"...When she joined our company as a fresher, she established herself as an invaluable team member, growing quickly and willing to take on new responsibilities in her projects coming up with fresh and innovative ideas."

Devyani Jaiswar

Senior UI/UX Designer at Coditas

SV with Haben Girma.jpeg

A lightbulb moment 

Meeting Haben Girma in 2019 changed my perspective on Accessibility. I shifted my focus from disabilities to the barriers people with disabilities face.

A prized possesion

Whitney Quesenbery, author of "A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences," attended my talk on " The 7 colors of the accessibility rainbow" at DCUX'19 and gave me a signed copy of her book. Her message is a source of encouragement for me.

WQ signed first page _edited.jpg

In my free time, I cook. A lot. It's my way of unwinding, experimenting, exploring cultures, showing love, and feeling closer to my family in India. Here are some pictures:


Kerala-style fish curry, matta rice, and rassam


North Indian vegetarian thali


Korean sundubu-jjigae


Thai steamed fish

I also enjoy home improvement projects, satirical news shows, and reading. I'm currently reading "Three Thousand Stitches" by Sudha Murty.

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