I work at UserWorks as a UX Specialist with a focus on Accessibility. I also work at the DARE Lab in UMBC, where I am currently researching the experience of people with disabilities during the COVID-19 crisis with Dr. Foad Hamidi

I transitioned to UX research and design from computer engineering more than two years ago. In my projects, I embrace ambiguity to let user needs drive design decisions, and bring my team of software developers, designers, and product managers on board. I view myself as a bridge that connects users, product teams, and businesses.


I feel personally responsible for making technology accessible to people with disabilities and wish for my work to have a lasting positive impact on people's lives.

Tristan Wilson

Senior User Experience Specialist at UserWorks, Inc.

I've had the pleasure of working with Sruti for about five months at UserWorks, Inc. We collaborated on several projects, in a variety of domains, from usability to accessibility. I've been impressed by Sruti’s ability to handle even the most daunting workloads, and the toughest clients, all with a smile on her face. Somehow, it all seems to come perfectly naturally to her. Sruti would be an asset to any team, and she earns my highest recommendation.

Lydia Stamato

M.S. Human-Centered Computing student at UMBC

I have had the pleasure of working with Sruti on several occasions in our graphic design for interactive systems class at UMBC. She is uncommonly thoughtful, patient, and open-minded. Sruti is a leader and creative thinker with a talent for synthesizing disparate ideas. She is dependable and a delight to know and work with!

Devyani Jaiswar

Senior UI/UX Designer at Coditas

Sruti is focused, passionate and enthusiastic person when it comes to work. When she joined our company as a fresher, she established herself as an invaluable team member, growing quickly and willing to take on new responsibilities in her projects coming up with fresh and innovative ideas. I have not only seen her excel in terms of UI/UX, but also in learning new techniques that were beyond the scope of her role, like Character design and isometric illustrations, which in turn benefited the entire team. Sruti would definitely make a great addition to any team. I certainly miss working with her and only have optimistic predictions for her future career.



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