UX Research for Medical Devices

In 2020 and 2021, I collaborated with fellow UX Specialists at UserWorks on summative usability studies to ensure that German medical devices are effective and safe to launch in hospitals across the U.S. Here, I have shared two of those projects.

Testing Image 4_edited.jpg

Project 1: Blood and Fluid Warmer

Objective: To evaluate the design of the Blood and Fluid Warmer in to see if it facilitates safe and effective use and does not create the potential for patient harm.

Test environment: The goal was to emulate a real-life hospital scenario as much as possible. The test environment consisted of an adjustable hospital bed, a mannequin as the patient, An IV administration set, cleaning supplies, audio-video recording equipment among other things. 

Participants: Participants included 7 physicians in the anesthesiology practice and 8 registered nurses in various departments. The sample was recruited from hospitals in the greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. 

Usuability test session structure:

  1. At the start of the session, each participant completed a free exploration session that lasted about half an hour.

  2. After the free exploration period, participants were asked to complete a series of procedures with the module. The evaluation consisted of 4 major task scenarios, subdivided into 15 total goals. These goals related to participants actively setting up, using, and interpreting the device, or the device’s instruction for use.

  3. After all of the tasks in the evaluation portion of the session were completed, The moderator and the participant proceeded to the last section of the usability evaluation, which was a 10 question comprehension questionnaire.

Data analysis and interpretation:

The team at UserWorks analyzed all the data collected from this summative usability evaluation, including

  • Observational notes from the moderator and note-taker as described below 

  • Task ratings scored by the moderator and note-taker as described below 

  • Video and audio recordings of all sessions