I'm a UX Researcher and Accessibility Specialist 

on a mission to make technology

enjoyable and inclusive

using human-centered research. 

Welcome to my portfolio!


Physical Computing, Accessibility, UX Research and Design

TalkBox: A DIY Communication Board

Fabricating a low-cost open-source communication board for non-verbal users and creating engaging DIY assembly instructions for novice makers.

Accessibility, UX Research & Design, Cross-functional team

STEAM Success Foundation Website

Designing an accessible website for a non-profit that promotes the organization's values, increases donations, and is accessible to people with disabilities. 

Design Thinking, UX Research, Public Policy

UX Research to influence policies

Working with The United Way of Central Maryland and Politicians to design prototypes of policies that can bring financial stability to low-income families in Maryland.

UX Research, Project Plan, Illustrations, Storyboards

Some Honorable Mentions

A bunch of diverse small projects that have been a great learning experience for me.

Coming soon!